The Planning

The Planning

-Expert Advice-
BY Thomas Salamunovich


Tech Talk: An Invitation to Innovation

What is the one thing you and your clients want more of? No, it’s not more swag. We all want more time. So why is it that so much time is wasted standing in line at conferences? And why is the task of following up on hard-earned leads so painfully tedious? It’s all about having the right tools for the job. That means technology, of course.

Sip, Dine & Adventure

Photo Credit: Three Rivers Resort & Outfitting

With the help of the great folks at the Colorado Tourism Office, we have run across some extremely fun ways that groups and individuals can enjoy an activity combined with cuisine or cocktails. Some require participants to put out some energy for the reward, while others simply involve sitting back and enjoying the ride.

A Nod to the West

Colorado is the West. It’s one of those attributes and pieces of the history and 
present that I hope we never forget. When talking to event planners and designers over 
the years asking about trends and themes, the West frequently comes up with a mention 
of how it can be a struggle to keep it fresh, especially when it’s so regularly requested 
by out-of-state groups. However, it’s something that makes us so very unique, and when 
doesn’t it feel good to slip into a pair of jeans, comfortable boots and one of the many 


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