From an industry trade show for hundreds to a group of lawyers from across the country more interested in skiing than meeting, Colorado hotels receive all kinds of group requests in the course of a year. Here is a short checklist for meeting planners to consider when booking successful gathering.

  • One-on-One: Want to make sure everything goes perfectly from the first planning stages to he final checkout? Choose a hotel where the person who books your meeting is the one who services it.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?: Make sure a venue’s audio-visual system can handle your technology and presentation needs. Some hotels charge extra for audio-visual services provided by an outside company.
  • Location, Location, Location: The number one rule of real estate applies to group events, too, from meetings and conferences to weddings and reunions. Your guests will be happiest if they have quick access to an area’s amenities.
  • Dine Alfresco: An outdoor dining spot can bring a breath of fresh air to meetings. Ask during planning stages if the venue includes the chance to step outside at meals.
  • Fee or Free: Hotel extras can increase your bill significantly when each service comes with a price attached. Consider what services conference goers might need, including Wi-Fi, parking and even watching a movie, and ask about hidden charges.
  • Community Props: A strong community marketing organization helps conference planners find your community and provide the big picture on what the area has to offer.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailoring a meeting for best results can be as easy as having a way to efficiently gather audience responses. See if the venue you are considering offers polling devices.

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Denver-based Dazbog Coffee has delivered a taste of Russia and Colorado through its eye-catching packaging, branding, small-batch roasting and blending of hand-selected coffee from around the globe. Leonid and Anatoly Yuffa immigrated to The Mile High City from St. Petersburg, Russia with their family in 1979 and later combined their skill sets and business savvy to launch Dazbog Coffee in 1996. Today, the company has more than 30 coffee shops across Colorado and Wyoming and a product line with names like KGBlend and White Nights Espresso.


There is no denying the stunning daytime scenery of Colorado, but the state’s amazing celestial landscape after normal meeting hours provides all sorts of great options for groups.

Twice each month from May through September, groups meeting in Leadville or nearby can enjoy a stagecoach ride beneath a full moon with Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting. Based on the 19th-century tradition of mail delivery by stagecoach, moonlight rides are offered on the eve and night of the full moon.