Many associate Colorado’s winter season with some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding, but there’s another side to having fun in mountains of white. Here’s a few ideas for fun without skis or snowboards.

This world-class resort town offers nearly every snow sport one can imagine, but all adventures don’t have to be hair-raising. Head out on a free guided snowshoe tour daily at 2 p.m. with a naturalist from the Nature Discovery Center. Daily morning snowshoe tours also are available through Vail Resorts Nordic School.

Our Gang Ice Racing has been hosting ice races on Georgetown Lake in the Victorian mountain burg of Georgetown for nearly four decades. On January and February weekends, the lake morphs into a racetrack for Jeeps and other four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. All levels can participate as there’s even a beginner’s class. 

At one locale, Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park and Grand Lake, it’s possible to hike and snowshoe all in the sameday or divide your group into two based on interests. The iconic park receives heavy snowfall west of the Continental Divide, but the eastern side receives much less, leaving trails below 8,700 feet open for hiking without snowshoes. 

Head out on groomed backcountry trails with Durango Dog Ranch, which offers rides with Siberian and Alaskan huskies from mid-November until mid-April, weather permitting. There is a guide one very sled, and all participants will get a chance to drive the sled. Snacks are included. 

So far, webcams and Zoom meetings have been an essential part of 2020. While digital options are functional placeholders for meetings, chatting with a coworker over Skype doesn’t always set up a team for success. Human connection is vital to team building, and hosting safe, small meetings is a great way to revitalize teams after months of working from home.


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