Colorado Meetings + Events

A Nod to the West

Colorado is the West. It’s one of those attributes and pieces of the history and 
present that I hope we never forget. When talking to event planners and designers over 
the years asking about trends and themes, the West frequently comes up with a mention 
of how it can be a struggle to keep it fresh, especially when it’s so regularly requested 
by out-of-state groups. However, it’s something that makes us so very unique, and when 
doesn’t it feel good to slip into a pair of jeans, comfortable boots and one of the many 

Building Teams by Caring

Working together to help others is a quick way to get to know others on a very different level. The various stateside and international mission trips I’ve been on with high school 
youth and people of all ages have confirmed that fact each and every time. As with any service project, the servers come away with just as much as those being served. Getting a large hotel staff with many departments interacting and "playing" for the same team has to be tricky; so two recent community service projects from Denver hotels caught my attention.

Delivering Quality Space & Experiences

Having quality meeting and event space can seal some deals, but attendees like me want to get a taste of the destination and better yet to have some unique experiences mixed in. Don’t discount the partnerships and local knowledge that a hotel’s staff can bring to the table and experiences they can deliver.


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