Delivering Quality Space & Experiences

Having quality meeting and event space can seal some deals, but attendees like me want to get a taste of the destination and better yet to have some unique experiences mixed in. Don’t discount the partnerships and local knowledge that a hotel’s staff can bring to the table and experiences they can deliver.

Rinks to Year-Round Venues

(Photo: Alex Fenlon, Crested Butte Music Festival)

I like it when towns get creative in taking a resource they already have and turn it into a non-traditional event venue. Castle Rock and Crested Butte are two Colorado towns that have found their fairly new outdoor ice rinks also can be valuable large event spaces for fair-weather months.

Good Speakers, Great Meetings

Recently, a friend invited me to a seminar about women’s health held by a chiropractor who practices in a nearby town. Now it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, but she presented the information with the right amount of enthusiasm and real-life examples with good information nuggets that it kept the audience engaged and asking questions.


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