• Devil's Thumb Receives Orvis Fly-fishing Lodge Endorsement

    POSTED September 6, 2019
  • Devil's Thumb Receives Orvis Fly-fishing Lodge Endorsement

    POSTED September 6, 2019

The Orvis Fly-fishing endorsement at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa can be attributed to “a broad range of fly-fishing gear and equipment, talented and engaging guides, and a sustainable approach to fishing neighboring private waters on Ranch Creek and the Fraser River,” according to Brad Johnson, lead Orvis fly-fishing guide at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

Guests have access to a wide range of high-quality fly-fishing equipment in the on-site fly shop. Fly-fishers of all levels can also seek the expertise from the dedicated team of Orvis endorsed guides, including Kevin Scannell, Rachel Therkildsen and Brad Johnson. The three guides bring more than 50 years of fly-fishing experience to guests.  

“Our guides are all certified Trout Bums!” Johnson says. “They bring over a hundred years of combined experience fishing the waters around Devil's Thumb Ranch and are happy to share the passion for the sport. We enjoy guiding guests of all abilities, whether we are introducing a total beginner to fly-fishing or helping a more advanced angler fine tune their skills.” 

Devils Thumb is surrounded by more than 6,000 acres for guests to venture on. To fish, guests can choose to hope for trout on the Fraser Area or the Ranch Creek, which is available for private unguided access for guests. 

“Our private stretch of the Fraser is a mountain stream that meanders through alpine meadows and is surrounded by high country willows,” Johnson says. “Though the river is a little smaller at this elevation, the fish can still grow large, with good populations of brown and rainbow trout.” 

Larger events are welcome at any of the restored 1800s barn meeting spaces, with 25,000 square feet at the two-story Broad Axe Barn and 50,000 square feet at the High Lonesome Lodge and Barn. High Lonesome also offers Grotto Suraboza a 40-seat underground wine cellar that is great for receptions and private dining.

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