• Meet Dave and Diana Mueller, Cutting-Edge Couple

    This couple brings 30 years of A/V knowledge to an industry that is evolving at sonic speed.

    FROM THE Winter 2018 ISSUE

When it comes to the evolving audiovisual industry and witnessing new technological capabilities, Dave and Diana Mueller of Image Audiovisuals in Denver have front-row seats. With more than 40 employees in Colorado and Arizona and 57 years of industry-related experience, the Muellers have taken part in decades of live events ranging from corporate, nonprofit and medical events to political, entertainment and sports functions.

Charlton Heston, Michael Jackson, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and many CEOs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies are just a few of the well-known people the Muellers have worked with during their years in the business. “As the A/V tech in the room, you get to learn a lot about different companies and what is new on the horizon for products and services,” Dave shares.

From the beginning, Image Audiovisuals started as a one-person business and quickly grew into a national and global production company. Dave developed the company in 1988 and was joined by his coowner and wife, Diana, in 1997. “Having a partner in business that’s also your partner in life gives you a great sense of comfort, knowing that your goals and priorities are the same,” Diana says. “We are very fortunate that our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.” 

Live event A/V technologies have become more important than ever before. For most meetings and events today, they are highly recommended, if not necessary, in conveying messages and showcasing content. “9/11 changed meetings and corporate travel in that virtual meetings/video conferencing became more prevalent, leading us to create our Systems Integration division,” Dave explains. “It also showed meeting planners that not everyone has to be in the same room to have their client’s message communicated.”

Image Audiovisuals consistently works to stay on top of the ever-changing technology. “The evolution in audio and video technologies shifting from analog to highdefinition digital has been revolutionary in our industry,” he says. 

However, the Muellers’ highest priority is maintaining quality customer service. “This is not an equipment industry, it’s a people industry,” Diana emphasizes. “Even though we all have warehouses full of equipment, it’s how we take care of our clients and take care of each other that defines [us].” 

When they aren’t too busy working, the Muellers enjoy spending time with their two grown children, Sarah and Adam, playing golf with friends and traveling.  

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