• Meet Kevin and Betty Kay Becker, Allee Photography

    FROM THE Fall 2014 ISSUE

    Whether it’s weddings, events or life in general, the owners of Allée Photography are artists in sync.

Kevin and Betty Kay Becker know that circumstances—or a camera lens—make you look at life differently. In 2004, Kevin left his job as a bank executive and moved his family from Amsterdam to Pueblo to care for his Alzheimer’sstricken mother. Betty Kay had been a graphic artist and jewelry designer. Both enjoyed taking pictures, but didn’t consider a career in photography until family asked them to photograph social events. “We have never looked back, and we love what we do,” Kevin says.

Others also love what they do; Allée Photography has earned accolades including a top 10 wedding photo selected by Professional Photographers of America in a 2012 international competition.

COM+E: Do you see things from different perspectives?
BK: The way we shoot is totally different.
K: I focus more on the lighting and how it affects the subject and the mood.
BK: We’re both shooting until we do family groups. It works well for him to be focusing on all the camera stuff while I’m getting the people positioned in a creative way.

COM+E: How has shooting weddings helped you with events?
BK: We like to make sure everything’s on schedule.
K: Wedding photography is the extreme end of event photography. You have to master the lighting. You have to know what you are doing and be able to change your settings in a heartbeat.

COM+E: What is your goal with event photography?
BK: We want to make sure they get what they want out of it.
K: We like to do more than your typical event photography of people smiling, looking at the camera.
BK: In fact, that’s not what most of our corporate clients ask for.
K: We shoot as if vendors will use our images in their advertising. A vice president said, “Give me a sense of the experience.” This is what we do for every event whether or not we’re asked—convey a feeling, tell a story. (Allée Photography; 720.936.5678)

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