For Tiffany Rose Goodyear, planning a perfectly executed event starts with the senses: taste, touch, sight and even smell. Since founding Yours Truly Cupcake in 2011, Goodyear realized that corporate clients were seeking something she is uniquely good at, namely sensory branding. What is it? Sensory branding bridges the tangible brand with the intangibles so brands, events and ideas stick in people’s minds. “It’s the taste, touch and aroma of the event,” says Goodyear.

You may know Goodyear as the founder of a cupcake and dessert catering company. She is the talent that put a walk-up window in her shop, invented the Cupcake Cuties (retro cupcake gals), and still comes up with spirited flavors like PBR icing and margarita cake with salted candy lime.

In 2015, Goodyear is tapping into her past skill set in advertising and branding and coming to her senses, quite literally. Goodyear says she is still creating sumptuous cupcakes and sweets, as she did in the past, but this new direction goes way beyond Yours Truly Cupcake. “[Sensory exposure] is my calling, this is my new place and I am happy to be here,” she says.

It’s easy to see Goodyear’s enthusiasm and passion for this new venture. “My history in advertising, which I still love, allows me to pick up on the finer details of an event that often get left behind,” she says.

She recalls one example from the Luxury diamond show in Las Vegas. For the launch of a new yellow diamond line called Roman + Jules, Goodyear created dessert bites adorned with edible diamonds and also a unique fragrance; the sensory combination helped elevate the customer experience and complemented the audio-visual components of the product launch.

At a trunk show at Neiman Marcus in Denver, Goodyear recreated a jeweler’s signature look of hammered metals in the form of fondant on top of mini cupcakes, while also incorporating other elements of flavor and language from Turkey, the jeweler’s homeland.

As Goodyear moves ahead with this new concept, she is excited to help meeting planners create standout events. “I have found a way to help meeting planners think strategically,” she says, “while capturing a sensory experience.”

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