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Signature Drink - Mexican Old Fashioned

—2 oz. mezcal
—3 house-made cherry halves*
—1 tsp. raw sugar
—3 dashes bitters
—.5 orange slice

1. Muddle fruit, sugar and bitters in an old fashioned tumbler (short cocktail glass).
2. Add mezcal and ice, stir several times, garnish with orange slice and serve.

Planning Magic: What You See at Events Never Tells the Full Story

On the surface, the typical meeting and event planner appears to live a charmed life: jet-setting all over the world, dining at lavish gala dinners, staying at the finest hotels and attending some of the world’s premier sporting events. These activities seem like daily occurrences when following a planner on Facebook or Instagram. We’re not complaining, but what photos don’t show is the work and behind-the-scenes maneuvering that created that perfect photo op.

Avalon Theatre Reopened in GJ

Historic theatres and opera house are absolutely worth saving and restoring. After working in downtown revitalization for many years in Colorado and Iowa, it became very clear that when a town had the ability to construct a distinct and well-built theatre or opera house in the late 1800s or early 1900s and continues to make sure it is a key local venue, there is a strong downtown and community that captures my interest.

Get Outside With Unique Tours & Adventures

Ever think cliff camping is way beyond your group’s grasp? With Estes Park-based Kent Mountain Adventure Center (1), interested individuals and groups learn the basics of climbing and have the assistance of a guide in setting up a wall camp to enjoy the views over Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Good Speakers, Great Meetings

Recently, a friend invited me to a seminar about women’s health held by a chiropractor who practices in a nearby town. Now it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, but she presented the information with the right amount of enthusiasm and real-life examples with good information nuggets that it kept the audience engaged and asking questions.


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