• New Approaches to Holiday Party Planning

    FROM THE Fall 2019 ISSUE

    Downtown Denver venue shares ideas for shaking up the format and keeping it within budget boundaries.

A company's holiday party can say a lot about a business. These parties are often a way for higherups to thank their staff for hard work put in over the past year. Here are several tips to make the planning of these celebrations easier and more fun, along with trends I’ve noticed to keep holiday gatherings fresh and affordable.

1. Book earlier rather than later. Venues book up quickly, and it is easier to work with budgets when there are more options. 

2. Venues will be more flexible with budget if you are earlier or later in the night. Prime start times are around 6:30 p.m. and will come with a higher cost. 

3. Try to book your event Sunday through Thursday. These are the days that venues have trouble filling during the holidays, therefore the minimums and costs might be lower. 

4. If you are not planning on serving alcohol at your event, it may be beneficial to book a luncheon. 

5. Know your budget before you start planning. This helps eliminate venues that do not fit within that budget.

6. Ask guests to send their dietary restrictions as soon as possible, if they have any, so you can chat through these needs with your event planner or venue manager. 

1. Luncheon and weekend brunch events are becoming popular.

2. Dinner and a show. Purchase group tickets for a show at the Denver Performing Arts Center and have a group dinner before or drinks and light apps after the show.

3. Reception-style events are becoming more and more popular with heavy apps and drinks. They encourage mingling. 

4. Photo booths are a huge hit.

5. Hire a band or DJ to help get the party going.


Taylor Thorn is the Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar in downtown Denver. 

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