Considered by many to be the father of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.’s name is frequently associated with Central Park in Manhattan. However, a largely unknown fact is that Olmstead and his sons’ influence extends to Colorado. “There are entire neighborhoods in Colorado Springs where the residents have no idea such famous architects designed their landscaping and public green spaces,” says Beth Davis, a Broadmoor archivist who unearthed a wealth of information in preparation for the resort’s centennial celebration in 2018.

Spencer Penrose, the founder of The Broadmoor, asked John Charles and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. to design the property’s grounds to be as artistic and memorable as the resort. Davis has records of the original planting lists (which topped 800 plants in the front garden alone) and discovered the basic plan designed by the Olmsted brothers is still intact. The Broadmoor gardens and Olmsted brothers will be highlighted throughout the month of August with classes, activities and walking tours as part of anniversary happenings. 

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