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Meet Steve Spangler

Mad science experiments have garnered Steve Spangler 185 million views on YouTube as the guy who originated the Mentos and Coke geyser. He’s since licensed the product for use in education and toys, founded Steve Spangler Science to make science-related toys, created more than 1,300 online videos, and appeared on Denver’s KUSA-TV 9News more than 1,000 times as of May 2015.

Meet Birgit Whitelaw, the Art Connection

Art is a univeral language. Nobody knows that better than Birgit Whitelaw, who speaks three—German, French and English—but knows that creativity supersedes them all. Whitelaw grew up in Germany, worked at her uncle’s hotel and earned her bachelor’s degree in hotel management. She worked at a number of European hotels, exploring other countries in the process.


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