• Reduce the Heavy-Lifting from your Search with VenuHub

    POSTED March 1, 2019

Looking for a new way to find unique venues in Colorado? Enter VenuHub.com, a public-facing website that will serve as a one stop shop to search for properties in the Golden State. VenuHub simplifies your venue search by connecting you to a curated network of top venues in the Denver Metro area. The network accommodates a wide variety of events including team building activities, corporate gatherings, large non-profit fundraisers and everything in between. All you have to do is complete one form and venues that match your criteria will reach out directly to you.

The customized new platform will support the Greater Denver Venue Network (GDVN), which was founded in 2019 to support and foster a professional event referral network. GDVN generates qualified event bookings for the unique venue members located in the Greater Denver area and to serve as a resource community for venue professionals.

VenuHub.com is funded, developed and operated by Dawn Williams with the Denver Center for Performing Arts supporting her ventures. “It’s been a labor of love, and the outpouring of cheers we receive from those we help makes it all worthwhile,” said Williams.

The website will feature a list of vendors that are hand-selected and recommended by the Greater Denver Venue Network members. So far members include Arrowhead Golf Club, Butterfly Pavilion, Grant Humphrys Mansion and Skyline Denver, among many others. The members are the best of the best and serve as leaders within the Denver event community.

VenuHub will produce real event inquires that have detailed information and will create a powerhouse of venue communities coming together to help clients find a venue. Finally, It will support sales goals, qualify leads and open up a public platform to members and vendor partners alike.

For more information, and to find your perfect venue, visit VenuHub.com

The maker’s movement is alive and well in Colorado. Here are a few ways groups can connect with artisans and perhaps try a little handy work of their own. 

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