Noticing how much good food was going to waste, We Don’t Waste founder Arlan Preblud started delivering the excess to local food banks in 2009. By 2017, We Don’t Waste had purchased four refrigerated trucks, moved into an 11,750-square-foot food recovery and distribution center, and operated with the help of staff and volunteers.

Today, We Don’t Waste has approximately 165 active food donors (restaurants, venues, caterers, distributors, producers, and institutions) that are keeping quality, unused/unopened food out of the landfill and going to more than 100 hunger-relief organizations (plus another 220 through partner distribution) instead. The organization offers several tips for reducing waste at meetings.

Set Goals & Market Them

  • Set zero-waste goals and include them in the marketing of the event.
  • Consider including a designated sustainability role when budgeting for an event or establishing an event taskforce.

Engage Staff & Event Participants

  • Use visuals to highlight how much food is being consumed at a given event versus wasted.
  • Consider partnering with a relevant business, nonprofit, or B Corp for food recovery, composting, sustainable event management, etc.
  • Consider implementing a “donation” (fine) system. For every no-show guest, a charge will be made and the proceeds directed to a partner nonprofit, B Corp, or environmental offset such as planting trees.

Implement Practices

  • Consider plated food instead of a buffet to reduce waste.
  • Use smaller plates when there is a buffet to encourage guests to take less food.
  • Use compostable physical materials (e.g., plates, cutlery, silverware).
  • Have a designated drop-off zone for food and beverages that can be safely redistributed.
  • Vocalize where recycled materials and compost are being directed and the impact.

Since Longmont's Can’d Aid was founded in 2013, more than 2 million cans of water have been distributed, over 9,600 skateboards and bikes and 4,000 art kits built for underserved youth, and more than 3,000 instruments donated. This has been accomplished with the help of volunteers nationwide and through relationships with community leaders, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, and corporate partners. 

Inspiring an Inclusive Park 


The Gate Expansion Program not only has delivered 39 new gates to Denver International Airport (DEN), there will be colorful new artwork. The expansion increases the airport’s capacity by 30%, making it easy for groups to access meeting and event destinations in the state. Outposts of favorite local restaurants also are being added throughout the facility.  

Public Art by Detour


When it comes to planning a holiday party for your team or a client, isn’t it nice when you don’t have to worry much about decor? It helps not only the budget but also your checklist.

Here are four of Colorado’s best-known historic hotels from around the state that pull out all the stops to add sparkle and festive activities that delight groups and leisure guests.

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver